ES Imaging Features

A powerful and streamlined Document Management System with a friendly user interface. It is our core product and has a dedicated web site. Please click the link above to visit the site.

A secure and versatile encryption utility that performs 256-bit AES encryption of files and directories. Also includes an electronic shredder to permanently delete files, as well as a password and account manager to help manage all your passwords. It also allows encryption/decryption of text messages.

A software printer driver that is accessible from any program that can utilize a printer. Images are produced from the driver and stored on a specified drive and location. The images can be saved in a large variety of file formats. SOAP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP emailing, thumbnails, and database import via JDBC/ODBC are all supported. The driver can even create text files.

Searches a computer for hidden, lost, or unknown pictures and allows the user to recover or remove them.

A pure Java utility that allows capturing of screenshots, images, HTML, and files from the clipboard. The images can be saved in a large variety of file formats. The monitor has most of the same feature set as the ES Image Printer Driver listed above.

Gives control over killing processes and executing programs. Processes can be killed instantly when the engine starts up, continually monitored for execution, when another dependency process exists (preventing another program from running while another is already), or when a hot key is pressed by the user. Programs can also be executed instantly (with parameters supplied) by the press of a hot key by the user.

Not to be confused with the 'ES Process Engine', it is a pure Java component that allows controlled execution of a console process (non GUI program). By precisely automating the control of console applications, user intervention is no longer required. Input can even be recorded and captured from a live user interaction to make it easy for feeding in the future. All output from the program can be logged to a file for monitoring purposes.

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