ES Picture Finder

Detailed Feature List

ES Picture Finder

The ES Picture Finder performs a deep search all the local disks on a computer for pictures and images. It will help find lost and hidden pictures in a friendly manner. The results are returned and categorized by year, month, and day in order to help narrow in on when the files were created.

There are a few main ways in which pictures are typically lost: Poorly named files, files saved in the wrong directory, and missing file extensions on the files. The ES Picture Finder will handle all of these cases by allowing the user to see small previews (thumbnails) of the pictures, regardless of where they are or what they're named. Once the lost pictures are found, they can easily be recovered and copied elsewhere. The demo version will allow you to find the pictures but not restore them. Once you have identified the pictures, you can purchase a license to register the demo version and restore your missing/lost pictures.

The ES Picture Finder can also help you clean up old and junk pictures from your computer. Just browsing the Internet usually results in many junk pictures being stored locally on your computer without your knowledge.

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