ES Picture Finder Features

ES Imaging Features


* Search for lost pictures.
* Search for hidden pictures.
* Search for pictures with invalid file extensions (missing JPG in the file name for example).
* Automatically adds the proper file extension on restore/copy to images that are named incorrectly.
* Option to delete specific images (useful for cleaning up junk or old pictures to save disk space).
* Ability to pause the search and resume it at any time.
* Ability to copy a whole folder of pictures to a specific location.
* Pictures are categorized and sorted by year, month, and day (2011-January-05 for example).
* Displays small thumbnail size images to quickly identify missing pictures.
* Ability to hide pictures already looked at to make your hunt for missing files much more efficient.
* Ability to click on a thumbnail image and see it full size on the screen.
* Ability to restore an individual picture by clicking on it's full size view.

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