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Where can I find out more information about ES Imaging?
Please visit the dedicated web site for ES Imaging:

My demo version of a product has expired or I want to remove product limitations. Where do I purchase the product?
Click on the 'Products' link at the top of the web page and select the desired product to purchase. An order can be placed online by clicking the 'Pricing and Buying' link at the top of the page. Click the 'Buy' link next to the appropriate license (home vs business) and type in the quantity in the dialog that pops up. You will be taken to PayPal to finalize the order.

Where is the registration download link for the Mobile Android/iOS versions of ES Encrypt?
When you purchased ES Encrypt, you were sent a transaction/registration id. Open ES Encrypt on your mobile device and navigate to the 'System' tab. Press 'Register Product' and type in your transaction/registration id and press 'Login'. The product limitations are now removed.

Will I have to download and install a new version of the printer driver (or other product) after purchase?
After purchase, an email will be sent to the purchaser's email address. The email will container a hyperlink to a small registration installer. The registration file will need to be executed in order to upgrade the demo version. After execution, the demo limitations will be removed without having to go through the installation process again.

What is Java and why do some of the products use it?
Java is a powerful programming language which requires a runtime environment to run Java programs. Without the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), programs written in Java are useless and cannot be executed. Some programming languages do not require a runtime environment to be installed, but Java is not one of them. While it is somewhat an inconvenience to require the Java runtime environment, Java programs are typically more robust and flexible than many others. Sun Microsystems (now Oracle America, Inc) are the creators of Java and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). For more information, please visit:

What does a "seat" license mean?
A seat is a way to qualify who can use the product. For home users, the product may be installed on multiple home machines for a single household. Also, multiple people in that household are permitted to use the product. For business usage, the product may be installed on one and only one machine and only one user may use the product on that machine.

What types of payments are possible?
All payments are made through PayPal. Payments can be made without actually having a PayPal account through a service that PayPal provides. Payments can be made in any standard way from PayPal. This includes bank account direct transfer (similar to writing a check), debit card, and credit card. For more information about payment options, please visit:

Are the online payments secure?
All payments are handled by PayPal and are extremely secure by using powerful 128-bit or 256-bit encryption via HTTPS.

I've purchased a product and a new version is now available. Can I install the new version when I purchased an older one?
Absolutely! Everlast Software's perspective is if you've paid for a product, you shouldn't have to do so again for your current licenses. In order to do so, simply install the new demo version, and re-execute your registration file.

Does Everlast Software's products contain spyware or advertising?
No. We believe in clean products and despise ones that include spyware or advertising.

How do I buy the Mac OS X version vs the Windows version vs the Mobile version of a product?
When you purchase the product through the site, you will be provided download links for all operating systems. Simply download the version you desire and ignore the other one. If you are a home user, and have a Mac and a Windows machine, you may download and install both. For business users that have a mix of machine types, download both and install based on the number of seat licenses purchased. For example, if you purchased 10 business seat licenses, you could install on 3 Macs and 7 Windows machines. If a download link doesn't appear for your version of the product, simply contact us and we will provide a link and instructions for you.

When I start or install one of your products, my firewall alerts me that the software is trying to call a remote computer. What is it doing?
The products contain a License Engine in order to keep track of demo and valid licensing. The License Engine may attempt to contact our server to report information. The information is only used for internal tracking. It is never shared with any other source or used for any other purpose besides validation and to prevent piracy and illegal usage of the software.

Will our email address provided during the purchase process be protected from other use?
Everlast Software will not use the provided email address for anything other than communicating with you during the purchase process and ongoing support needs.

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