ES Process Engine Features

ES Imaging Features

The engine is excellent at quickly killing multiple processes with the touch of a key. This can be useful if privacy is of utmost importance.

Another frequent use of the engine is to instantly shutdown programs that are eager to lockup. Any hot key can be assigned so multiple programs can be separated with different keys if desired.

A picture can speak a thousand words, and that is exactly what the driver does. With the simple print of any document, image, screenshot, etc., instead of the results going to a laser printer, images are produced which can be instantly emailed to a support person, transferred to an FTP server, or simply saved to the local computer's storage with one simple click. All of this can happen in the background too, without requiring user interaction, thus saving MORE time for the employees, while maximizing the information for someone to help troubleshoot the problem.

In some environments, it is useful to monitor for certain programs that are executed. The engine can instantly shut them down once they are detected. This can be useful for controlling what programs can run.

The dependency process killing feature of the engine can be quite powerful as well. Based on another process that is executing, the engine can shutdown other specified processes. The could be useful if a certain program should never run while another is already running.

There are some programs that are always executed by users. Why not dedicate a hot key to them? By assigning a hot key to a program, the user can simply hit the key to run the program. Parameters can even be set to pass to the executing program!

Developers can use the engine in their own applications by purchasing a royalty free license. This is possible because the engine is controlled by XML file settings. The engine can refresh it's settings while running if the XML file is changed on the fly. The can give developers quite a bit of control, whether it is with an installation process or from within their own applications.

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