ES Image Printer Driver Features

ES Imaging Features


All of the features and options make the printer driver an excellent tool for bug reporting, problem tracking, etc., for businesses wanting to maximize their business time.

All businesses (small, medium, and large) deal with and rely on many other computer programs in order to maximize their employees' time. They often utilize both, 3rd party software, and in-house software, developed specifically for their needs. Almost all businesses have had the experience of finding show-stopping bugs in various programs which prevent them from getting their job done. Often time, businesses have an entire department committed to helping the users either find solutions for the software, ways to fix the software, or submit incident reports to the developers of the software. This is a very time consuming task, not only for the computer support department, but also the employees that use the software who must communicate the problems to the support department in a clear manner so that the real problem can be understood. This is where the ES Image Printer Driver can be of great aid and save businesses thousands, if not millions, of dollars a year.

A picture can speak a thousand words, and that is exactly what the driver does. With the simple print of any document, image, screenshot, etc., instead of the results going to a laser printer, images are produced which can be instantly emailed to a support person, transferred to an FTP server, or simply saved to the local computer's storage with one simple click. All of this can happen in the background too, without requiring user interaction, thus saving MORE time for the employees, while maximizing the information for someone to help troubleshoot the problem.

Another common problem in a business environment is sharing information with clients' and/or others in different departments. There are many times when files must be shared but the receiver does not have the correct program to be able to display or view them. Almost every business has some means of viewing images. Images are a universal way to share information. The ES Image Printer Driver instantly allows printing of information from any program and the production of images in several formats. These images can then be emailed, uploaded, etc., to the receiver for their usage.

It has been designed to easily develop and plug in other interfaces, so that businesses may tightly integrate with their own support systems, environment, etc. If a certain interface is important to your business, don't hesitate to ask about it, even if it is a completely custom interface. We are dedicated to helping our clients make their businesses more economical and to save them time. After all, time is money.

Home Users

For home users, the driver is great for printing web sites, images from other programs, emails, etc. It's also a quick way to share screenshots with friends and family. How many times have you wanted to share a file with a family member, friend, etc., but they don't have the same program to view it? With the ES Image Printer Driver, this problem is completely eliminated. You can create images from ANY program that prints, which can then be viewed on EVERY computer. Images are a standard way of representing data as pictures. All computers come with built in software to view images.

Another problem is archiving important documents. Saving them all in a format that is easily compatible with all computers is very beneficial. Doing this will make sure you won't require the program in the future, if several years pass and the program will no longer work. Images will always exist and there will always be a way to open them.

Sometimes it's impossible to get a certain program to print to a printer with a certain size. For example, you're really wanting to get a 6" by 6" print of a spreadsheet from Excel and your printer doesn't have a built in capability to do this. With the ES Image Printer Driver, your job has just become much easier. The reason for this is because images can be easily manipulated to a certain size with virtually any image viewing program. You can size the image to the desired dimensions and then print.


Consultants often have laptop computers when they visit a client site. A common problem is they are at a client site, or remote location, and they don't have access to a printer. There are many times when they may want to save something to print later. The ES Image Printer Driver makes that easy by creating images that can then be printed later EXACTLY as they would have been printed at the client site. The images can be viewed to see what would be sent to the printer.

Graphic Artists

Graphic artists work with a large variety of image formats. The driver has the ability to create many standard formats that can easily be converted from one to another. Graphic artists work with very expensive software typically. An artist can use the driver to share samples of their work with a client or potential client without requiring the receiver to have the same software.

Programs without print preview capability can be a real problem to deal with. Sometimes you don't know how text will wrap, borders will appear, etc. The driver can help in those regards. Since images are produced, they can be viewed to see what would have been sent to the printer. Printers can also typically deal with resizing single images much easier than receiving a large variety of objects like text, fonts, images, etc.


Students that have the privilege of a computer can use the driver to save and archive their research they may do on the internet. Obviously students may have a very limited spending capability, so the cost of paper can be quite significant. Instead of wasting countless pages for research documents, the ES Image Printer Driver can be used to simply save photo copies of what would have been printed. These images could then be organized to make the research process much more efficient. They could also be copied to floppy diskettes, CD's, DVD's, etc. and viewed on another computer (a library computer for example).


Developers can take advantage of the huge flexibility that exists with the XML file configurations. Because of the modularization, it is possible for developers to embed the product in theirs quite easily. The driver can be licensed at either an OEM level (royalty free) or a seat based license. Everlast Software is committed to making the driver dynamic and flexible for the numerous developers selling their own applications.

Mac OS X and Windows developers can configure the driver to call a Java class that implements a single method interface. Windows users also have the option to have the driver call a native DLL function. This allows the developer to have full control over the produced image files as soon as the driver has fully produced them. Refer to to user manual for details about the interfaces and to see sample code

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